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2016 Forefront

Forefront Wins Championship Tenor: Drew Wheaton Lead: Kevin Hughes Bass: Brian O'dell Bari: Aaron Hughes For the third year in a row, the newly crowned Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet Champion contains a set of brothers, proving yet one more time that when it comes to lock and ring, family does indeed matter. These gentlemen finally took home the coveted prize [...]

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Sing With The Champs

The annual Sing With The Champs event is gearing up for Nashville, so don't miss this opportunity to sing one with your favorite champ quartet and get a video of the performance and a photo with the quartet! Visit for details and registration.

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All Champions

All Champions

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2015 Instant Classic

Instant Classic Makes Huge Leap to Win Championship Tenor: David Zimmerman Lead: Theo Hicks Bass: Kyle Kitzmiller Bari: Kohl Kitzmiller In one of the biggest leaps in ranking in recent memory, Instant Classic jumped from an 8th place finish in 2014 to winning it all in 2015. With a smooth, vibrant, and youthful sound, Instant [...]

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1956 – The Confederates

Tenor: George Evans Lead: Dave LaBonte Bass: Buzz Busby Bari: Wally Singleton"Save your Confederate money, boys, the South shall rise again!" That song by the Confederates, 1956 International Champions, was to go down in history, and the quartet went on to become a true legend within the Society over the next 13 years. Organized at [...]

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2014 – Musical Island Boys

Musical Island Boys WIN... finally!! Tenor: Jeff Hunkin Lead: Marcellus Washburn Bass: Matt Gifford Bari: Will Hunkin The North American tradition of barbershop harmony became still more global last week in Las Vegas, as two offshore quartets placed in the top five of the world championships. After three consecutive 2nd place Silver Medalists placements Musical [...]

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2013 – Masterpiece

Masterpiece brings home GOLD Tenor: Rob Menaker Lead: Patrick Haedtler Bass: Brett Littlefield Bari: Alan Gordon Three past-champion singers plus a hot young lead combined to bring MASTERPIECE the gold medals in Saturday's world championship competition in Toronto. Singing music ranging from Kathy Mattea's "Where've You Been" to American classics "Tennessee Waltz" and "Sweet Lucy [...]

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2012 – Ringmasters

Ringmasters Makes History Tenor: Jakob Stenberg Lead: Rasmus Krigström Bass: Emanuel Roll Bari: Martin Wahlgren Ringmasters made history in Portland by becoming the very first quartet from a Society affiliate to win the coveted quartet gold medal. Travelling all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Ringmasters combined virtuosic singing with championship-level entertainment and youthful energy to [...]

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1975 – Happiness Emporium

Tenor: Bob Dowma Lead: Rod Johnson Bass: Jim Foy Bari: Bob Spong The Happiness Emporium, 1975 International quartet champions, is living proof that experience pays off. The "Emporium" members averaged 37 years of age when they won gold medals. Their collective experience, even before they came together for the first time in 1972, included participation [...]

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1974 – The Regents

Tenor: Harry Williamson Lead: Joe Mazzone Bass: Hal Kauffman Bari: Ron Knickerbocker When the Regents won the international quartet championship at Kansas City's 1974 contest, it may have seemed to some that they had an easy road to the gold. It was their fifth international contest, and they had placed third on two previous tries, [...]

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1973 – Dealer's Choice

Tenor: Al Kvanli Lead: Bill Thornton Bass: Gary Parker Bari: Brian Beck In 1973 four dedicated, determined young men from Dallas, with two years of grueling, almost daily work behind them, "came out of nowhere" in Portland to win the international title on their first try. The Dealer's Choice thus became the first quartet in [...]

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1972 – Golden Staters

Tenor: Gary Harding Lead: Milt Christensen Bass: Mike Senter Bari: Jack Harding The long road to the gold by southern California's Golden Staters, 1972 quartet champions, was marked by a number of "firsts".They were the first foursome ever to win all five medals (although the Boston Common later duplicated this feat), the only one to [...]

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1970 – Oriole Four

Tenor: Bob Welzenbach Lead: Jim Grant Bass: Don Stratton Bari: Fred King The real beginning of the Oriole Four, 1970 International champion quartet, was in 1951 outside a Baltimore high school - although no one, of course, knew it at the time. That's when students Fred King and Jim Grant first met, discovered they had [...]

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1969 – Mark IV

Tenor: Franklin Spears Lead: Al Koberstein Bass: Morris "Mo" Rector Bari: Dale Deiser Luck and the US Government - combined, of course, with the well-known Rector talent - won Morris "Mo" Rector his second International gold quartet medal in 1969.San Antonio's Mark IV was the champion that year, and C.O. Crawford had been the bass [...]

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1968 – The Western Continentals

Tenor: Al Mau Lead: Ted Bradshaw Bass: Phil Foote Bari: Paul Graham A funny thing happened to the Western Continentals on their way to the 1968 International championship. In 1965, only a year after they first got together, Dr. Curt Kimball, Ted Bradshaw, Paul Graham and Terry Diedrich placed eighth in the International competition.Shortly thereafter [...]

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1967 – The Four Statesmen

Tenor: Frank Lanza Lead: Dick Chacos Bass: Don Beinema Bari: Richard "Doc" Sause It's not unusual, with today's modern highways and plane connections, for members of a quartet to live some distance apart. But in the mid-1960s, when the Four Statesmen were working their way toward the 1967 International championship, it was almost unbelievable that [...]

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1966 – The Auto Towners

Tenor: Al Rehkop Lead: Glenn Van Tassel Bass: Carl Dahlke Bari: Clint Bostick Several famous foursomes, and even a barbershop quartet among them have gone on to have distinguished professional careers (the Hi-Lo's, Four Freshmen and Osmond Brothers, for example). The Auto Towners, 1966 International champions from the Detroit area, decided they would seek out [...]

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1965 – The Four Renegades

Tenor: Warren 'Buzz' Haeger Lead: Ben Williams Bass: Tom Felgen Bari: Jim Foley Every gold medal quartet crowned by the Society in its 50-plus year history has been a great one. A handful - the Schmitt Brothers, Confederates, Suntones and a few others - went on to become legends. The Four Renegades, 1965 champions, was [...]

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1964 – The Sidewinders

Tenor: Jerry Fairchild Lead: Joe Daniels Bass: Jay Wright Bari: Gene Boyd Saturday, June 27, 1964, undoubtedly was the happiest day in the history of the Riverside, CA chapter. On that day the Riverside Citrus Belterschorus won 5th place bronze medals in its first International competition. And four chapter leaders, a group known as the [...]

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1963 – The Town and Country Four

Tenor: Leo Sisk Lead: Larry Autenreith Bass: Ralph Anderson Bari: Jack Elder After winning the 1958 Johnny Appleseed District Quartet Championship and a third-place International bronze medal in 1959, the Town & Country Four distinguished itself as the first Barbershop Harmony Society-quartet to go on to win its gold medals after having won three consecutive [...]

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1961 – Suntones

Tenor: Gene Cokeroft Lead: Bob Franklin Bass: Bill Cain Bari: Harlan Wilson A young Florida quartet crowned as International champion in Philadelphia in 1961 was destined to become one of the most popular, active and long-lived in the Society's history: the Suntones. Formed less than three years earlier, the quartet sang for over 25 years, [...]

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1940 – The Flat Foot Four

Tenor: Johnny Whalen Lead: Britt Stegal Bass: Sam Barnes Bari: Red Elliott The Flat Foot Four was organized in the Oklahoma City Police Department by the Mayor, O. A. Cargill, in 1923. The quartet's personnel changed many times over the years, but Johnny Whalen was always the tenor. The original foursome was Whalen, lead Frank [...]

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1939 – Bartlesville Barflies

Tenor: George McCaslin Lead: Harry Hall Bass: Herman Kaiser Bari: Bob Durand In 1937 the American Legion in Bartlesville, Oklahoma decided to put on a minstrel show. New in town, a wiry little man by the name of Harry Hall who was born and raised in England, had produced a minstrel show in Pawhuska, OK [...]

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1960 – The Evans Quartet

Tenor: Turk Evans Lead: Pres Evans Bass: Jack Evans Bari: Gene Smith Trivia question: What quartet sang Lindy, Lucky Lindy for Charles A. Lindbergh in 1927 and, with a couple of personnel changes, was still singing as an International champion 50 years later? Answer: the Evans Quartet of Salt Lake City, the 1960 gold medal [...]

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1959 – The Four Pitchikers

Tenor: Larry Hedgepeth Lead: Keith Keltner Bass: Joe Delzell Bari: Keith Young From a high school in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks to the winners' circle onstage of the Civic Opera House in Chicago is an even longer trip than the miles indicate. The Four Pitchikers made it, though, in 1959, to become International [...]

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1957 – Lads of Enchantment

Tenor: Don Pitts Lead: Dan Aycock Bass: Gil Wallace Bari: Carl Wright While some quartets continue singing for years as International Champions, others are forced, for one reason or another, to "hang up the pitch pipe" soon after winning the gold. The Lads of Enchantment, 1957 winners, was one of the latter. And yet tenor [...]

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1954 – The Orphans

Tenor: Bud Bingham Lead: Bob Groom Bass: Jay Bond Bari: Pete Tyree "We probably had the shortest reign on record," laughed Pete Tyree, baritone of the 1954 international champion quartet, the Orphans of Wichita, Kansas. But during their championship year - and especially in the 24 hours following their winning of the Landino Trophy - [...]

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1953 – The Vikings

Tenor: Bob Maurus Lead: Bruce Conover Bass: Bob Livesay Bari: Bob Lindley Bob Lindley, baritone; Bob Maurus, tenor; Bruce Conover, lead; and Carl Stuhr, bass were all ex-service men who liked to do a little harmonizing. All four were attending Augustana College in Rock Island, IL on the GI Bill. The year was 1946. They [...]

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1952 – The Four Teens

Tenor: John Steinmetz Lead: Jim Chinnock Bass: Don Cahall Bari: Don Lamont The Four Teens originated in the Eau Claire, WI Chapter in September 1949. Three members - Jim Chinnock, lead; Don Lamont, baritone; and Gene Rehberg, bass, were high school students; the fourth, tenor John Steinmetz, had graduated the previous year. On January 8, [...]

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1951 – The Schmitt Brothers

Tenor: Joe Schmitt Lead: Fran Schmitt Bass: Jim Schmitt Bari: Paul Schmitt Joe, Jim, Paul, and Fran Schmitt began singing together as a quartet in September, 1949 at their mother's home in Two Rivers, WI. Two months later a local businessman and international president of the Barbershop Harmony Society, O.H. "King" Cole, heard them singing [...]

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1950 – The Buffalo Bills

Tenor: Vern Reed Lead: Al Shea Bass: Bill Spangenberg Bari: Dick Grapes In 1945 a quartet called the Barber Shop Four had a radio program that aired every Sunday at 12:45 in Buffalo, NY. Al Shea sang lead; the other quartet members were Bill Delfield, tenor; Ross Davis, bari; and Ralph Bone, bass. The group [...]

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1949 – The Mid-States Four

Tenor: Bob Mack Lead: Marty Mendro Bass: Art Gracey Bari: Forry Haynes A quartet was organized by four employees at the Bell & Howell Company. Marty Mendro, lead; Forry Haynes, baritone; and Bob Corbett, bass. Haynes had been a member of a quartet that was one of the last to appear on the Keith road [...]

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1948 – The Pittsburghers

Tenor: Harry Conte Lead: Tom Palamone Bass: Bill Conway Bari: John "Jiggs" Ward Anthony "Zebo" DiPerro first instilled a love for barbershop harmony in Tom Palamone. The two were part of a quartet that rattled the walls in the back room of Zebo's Pittsburgh grocery store in 1938. Palamone sang lead, Harry "Chummy" Conte was [...]

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1947 – The Doctors of Harmony

Tenor: H.H. "Jumbo" Smith Lead: Max "Junior" Cripe Bass: Lee "Reverend" Kidder Bari: Elton "Butch" Hummel When the Elkhart, Indiana chapter of SPEBSQSA was formed in September 1943, Ron Younce, lead; Lee "Reverend" Kidder, bass; and Elton "Butch" Hummel, bari were already looking for a tenor they could push around. They found H.H. "Jumbo" Smith, [...]

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1946 – The Garden State Quartet

Tenor: Ted Rau Lead: Bob Freeland Bass: Jack Briody Bari: Jimmy Verdick The Garden State Quartet came to life in 1941. Jimmy Verdick, bari, and Ted Rau, tenor, worked together at Western Electric. Jim knew a lead singer named Bob Freeland in Newark and the three of them met at Ted's house in Jersey City [...]

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1945 – The Misfits

Tenor: Joe Murrin Lead: Art Bielan Bass: Pete Buckley Bari: E.V. Perkins Art Bielan, lead, Joe Murrin, tenor, and E.V. "Cy" Perkins, bari, formed three legs of a quartet on a train en route to the national SPEBSQSA convention in July 1941. They shanghaied Pete Buckley to sing bass. All were members of the Chicago [...]

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1944 – The Harmony Halls

Tenor: Ed Gaikema Lead: Bob Hazenberg Bass: Gordon Hall Bari: Ray Hall The Harmony Halls came from a background of quartet singing that dated back two generations. Grandpa Hall sang bass in a quartet during Abraham Lincoln's presidency. Pop Hall, his son, was a choir and quartet singer at the turn of the century and [...]

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1943 – The Four Harmonizers

Tenor: Charles Schwab Lead: Leo Ives Bass: Fred Stein Bari: Huck Sinclair The Four Harmonizers, a Chicago quartet, competed in the 1941 and 1942 national contests and finished just out of the medalist class. They were considered a top-flight foursome, composed of Charles Schwab, tenor; Leo Ives, lead; Ed Young, baritone; and Fred Stein, bass. [...]

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1942 – The Elastic Four

Tenor: Herman Struble Lead: Roy Frisby Bass: Frank Thorne Bari: Jimmy Doyle Roy Frisby enjoyed singing as a young man and made some extra money as a professional singer while attending high school and college. He studied voice at the Indianapolis Conservatory of Music. After college, Frisby worked in the development division of a bank. [...]

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1941 – The Chord Busters

Tenor: Norman T. "Doc" Enmier Lead: Bob Holbrook Bass: Tom Masengale Bari: Bobby Greer The 1941 national champions were organized in Tulsa, OK in the spring of 1940 with Virgil Dow, tenor; Bob Holbrook, lead; Bobby Greer, baritone; and Tom Masengale, bass. The next year, Norman T. "Doc" Enmeier replaced Dow, who had moved to [...]

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2011 – Old School

Old School wins big in Kansas City Tenor: Kipp Buckner Lead: Joe Connelly Bass: Joe Krones Bari: Jack Pinto The mighty awesome and talented Old School won the coveted Gold Medal at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2011 International quartet contest Saturday evening at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. The competition was fierce and [...]

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2010 – Storm Front

Storm Front brings down the house in Philly Tenor: Jeff Selano Lead: Jim Clark Bass: Syd Libsack Bari: Darin Drown The comedy quartet Storm Front created plenty of thunderous applause and light-hearted laughter as they won the coveted Gold Medal at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2010 International quartet contest Saturday evening at the Pennsylvania Convention [...]

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2009 – Crossroads

Tenor: Fred Farrell Lead: Michael Slamka Bass: Jim Henry Bari: Brandon Guyton Our 2009 champs are men who have won the gold medals once before. They won in convincing fashion in Anaheim, California July 4th week during the 71st International Convention and Contests of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Their total score was 93.7% and 213 [...]

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2008 – OC Times

Tenor: Shawn York Lead: Sean Devine Bass: Cory Hunt Bari: Patrick Claypool Joy, Relief, Pride, Exuberance, Nervousness, Bliss, Apprehension, Release, Elation, Humility, Liberation, Anxiety, Delight, Gratification, Honor What is it like to win International? The 2008 champion OC Times felt ALL these emotions and more. Shawn York (Tenor), Sean Devine (Lead), Patrick Claypool (Baritone), and [...]

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2007 – MaxQ

Tenor: Greg Clancy Lead: Tony De Rosa Bass: Jeff Oxley Bari: Gary Lewis Max Q were finally crowned 2007 International Quartet Champs. They won the championship with the second highest score and by the second highest margin of victory ever. Max Q began in 2002 and after toying with the idea of a quartet. At [...]

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2006 – Vocal Spectrum

Tenor: Tim Waurick Lead: Eric Dalbey Bass: Chris Hallam Bari: Jonny MoroniIn the closest win in the Society’s 68 year competition history Vocal Spectrum took home the big trophy by singing flawlessly and earning the best score on two of the three sets. Still it was only SIX little itty-bitty points that separated them from [...]

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2005 – Realtime

Tenor: Tim Broersma Lead: John Newell Bass: Tom Metzger Bari: Mark Metzger The Realtime quartet story is an ordinary one. Four guys who love to sing being drawn together by fate. But this story has an extraordinary ending. It all began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as two brothers Mark (bari) & Tom Metzger (bass) [...]

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2004 – Gotcha!

Tenor: Garry Texeira Lead: Chris Vaughn Bass: Jim Kline Bari: Alan Gordon At an afterglow in September of 1996, four members of the Masters of Harmony chorus decided to sing a song. Three hours later, Garry Texeira, Chris Vaughn, Alan Gordon, and Scott Wilson exhausted the entire repertoire from three choruses and a few international [...]

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2003 – Power Play

Tenor: Don Slamka Lead: Michael Slamka Bass: Jack Slamka Bari: Mark Slamka Nothing can compare with the Power of family. Power Play consists of a father, his two sons, and his nephew. Jack Slamka, the father, sings bass and is a 30-year member of the Society. Michael, his son, sings lead and is a 20-year [...]

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2002 – Four Voices

Tenor: Lester Rector Lead: Chad Guyton Bass: Jayson VanHook Bari: Brandon Guyton When Chad (lead) and Brandon Guyton (bari) attended a Harmony Explosion presentation in 1993, they had no idea what lay ahead. A few years later, they recruited two fellow Lee Universitymusicians, Lester Rector (tenor) and Jayson Van Hook(bass), to form Four Voices. Contrary [...]

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2001 – Michigan Jake

Tenor: Drew Kirkman Lead: Mark Hale Bass: Greg Hollander Bari: Joel Wilson In 1983 Mark Hale and Greg Hollander joined the Barbershop Harmony Society. They quickly became friends and started singing in a quartet together. This quartet, theSound System, started with Mark on tenor and Greg on baritone, but soon Greg moved to bass and [...]

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2000 – Platinum

Tenor: Gary Lewis Lead: Joe Connelly Bass: Kevin Miles Bari: Tony De Rosa Platinum first organized in 1998 and soon won the 2000 SPEBSQSA International Quartet Championship in Kansas City. Lead Joe Connelly became the first THREE TIME Gold Medalist with this win having won in 1987 (Interstate Rivals) and 1992 (Keepsake). He learned from [...]

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1999 – FRED

Tenor: Fred Carlson Lead: Fred LaRosa Bass: Fred Clay Bari: Fred Hine FRED is anything but your typical barbershop quartet. In fact, from their distinctive sound and unique sense of humor to the speed in which they have risen to the top of the craft, very little about FRED is normal. FRED (Jared "Pookie" Carlson, [...]

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1998 – Revival

Tenor: Royce Ferguson Lead: Mike Spencer Bass: Bill Myers Bari: Mike Lawton The men of Revival represent over 85 years of harmonizing experience. They earned the title of 1997-98 Far Western District Quartet Champions and were crowned the 1998 BHS Champs at the competition held in Atlanta, Georgia on the 4th of July. This was [...]

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1997 – Yesteryear

Tenor: Dan Trakas Lead: Mark Blake Bass: Randy Baughman Bari: Rod Nixon Representing the Maumee Valley (Toledo) and Elyria (near Cleveland), Ohio chapters and the Johnny Appleseed DistrictYesteryear is well known as a talented and entertaining show quartet. The original version of the quartet was formed in February of 1984. Over the years there were [...]

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1996 – Nightlife

Tenor: Rob Menaker Lead: John Sasine Bass: Brett Littlefield Bari: Jeff Baker Nightlife, from Southern California, is only the second quartet in barbershop singing history to win gold medals as both international quartet champions and as members of the winning barbershop chorus on the same day! This is truly a fitting achievement for four individuals [...]

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1995 – Marquis

Tenor: Dale Fetick Lead: Randy Chisholm Bass: Jay Hawkins Bari: Paul Gilman Marquis won the 1995 International Quartet Championship at Miami Beach representing the gold medal rich Johnny Appleseed District. They credit their win to having the right attitude. Each member had sung in successful quartets before and brought that experience with them to the [...]

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1994 – Joker’s Wild

Tenor: Steve Iannacchione Lead: Mark Green Bass: Dave Kindinger Bari: Steve Legters Marquis won the 1995 International Quartet Championship at Miami Beach representing the gold medal rich Johnny Appleseed District. They creJoker's Wild was formed in August of 1990 when the original four members met informally at the Buckeye Invitational in Columbus, Ohio and harmonized [...]

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1993 – The Gas House Gang

Tenor: Kipp Buckner Lead: Rich Knight Bass: Jim Henry Bari: Rob Henry In the 1930's The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team was nicknamed "The Gas House Gang" to describe the players' fiery attitude toward the game and their fun-loving style of play. In 1987 a barbershop quartet from the St. Louis area chose the name [...]

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1992 – Keepsake

Tenor: Roger Ross Lead: Joe Connelly Bass: Don Barnick Bari: Tony DeRosa Keepsake of Polk County, Orlando and Winter Park, Florida won the gold in 1992 in New Orleans. Keepsake was a quartet with the ability to reach across the footlights and grabs the hearts of the audience with their music. Their expressive song selection [...]

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1991 – The Ritz

Tenor: Jim Shisler Lead: Doug Nichol Bass: Ben Ayling Bari: D.J. Hi The Ritz is a unique quartet in that it is comprised of four vocal music teachers, each from a different school district. Tenor Jim Shisler, lead Doug Nichol, bari D.J. Hiner and bass Ben Ayling. When the quartet won the Pioneer District Quartet [...]

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1990 – Acoustix

Tenor: Todd Wilson Lead: Rick Middaugh Bass: Jeff Oxley Bari: Jason January Acoustix formed in January of 1990, and in a very short time realized that the blending of their vocal talents produced a sound that has eluded many performers. The Texas foursome skyrocketed straight up the competition ladder. In a record-setting six months, Todd [...]

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1989 – Second Edition

Tenor: Fred Farrell Lead: David Harrington Bass: Jamie Meyer Bari: Doug Harrington Second Edition, from Louisville Kentucky, won the 1989 International Competition held in Kansas City. They had been singing together since 1986 and one of the youngest quartets to win with the oldest only 25. Some consider The Second Edition to actually be one [...]

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1988 – Chiefs of Staff

Tenor: Tim McShane Lead: Chuck Sisson Bass: Don Bagley Bari: Dick Kingdon The Chiefs of Staff won the championship on July 4th of 1988 in San Antonio during the Society's 50th anniversary convention. They were the last recipients of the original International Quartet (Landino) Trophy. It began during a picnic in the fall of 1983. [...]

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1987 – Interstate Rivals

Tenor: Kipp Buckner Lead: Joe Connelly Bass: Jay Hawkins Bari: Paul Gilman The original four members of Interstate Rivals - Kipp Buckner, Joe Connelly, Geoff Mucha, and Jay Hawkins - were all second-generation barbershoppers. Paul Gilman, who replaced Geoff as baritone in 1986, had been introduced to barbershopping by his uncle in 1980. Geoff and [...]

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1986 – Rural Route 4

Tenor: Don Kahl Lead: Calvin Yoder Bass: Willard Yoder Bari: Jim Bagby When the Rural Route 4 won the international quartet championship in 1986, they did not exactly qualify as an overnight sensation. Organized in 1971 by four residents of Cass County, Missouri, the quartet would not win the gold until 15 years and two [...]

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1985 – The New Tradition

Tenor: John Sherburn Lead: Dan Jordan Bass: John Miller Bari: Bob Gray, Jr. The New Tradition - perhaps better known to thousands of barbershoppers as the Marx Brothers' clones - won the gold in 1985. All are experienced international competitors and medalists: tenor John Sherburn (Zeppo in their famous impersonation), lead Dan Jordan (Chico), bari [...]

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1984 – The Rapscallions

Tenor: Dave Smotzer Lead: David Wallace Bass: Jeff Oxley Bari: Tim Frye The Rapscallions, formed just four years earlier by four Bowling Green State University students, amazed the barbershop world when they won the 1984 international quartet championship in St. Louis. The quartet, in fact, placed in the top ten internationally each of the three [...]

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1983 – Side Street Ramblers

Tenor: Keith Houts Lead: Brian Beck Bass: Earl Hagn Bari: Dennis Malone When the Side Street Ramblers of Dallas captured the 1983 international championship in Seattle, lead Brian Beck collected his second gold quartet medal. Bass Earl Hagn, however, was singing in his first quartet. Discrepancies in experience and height (Earl was 6'5 while Brian [...]

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1982 – Classic Collection

Tenor: Curt Hutchison Lead: Larry Wilson Bass: Terry Heltne Bari: George Davidson The story of the 1982 International Quartet Champion Classic Collection is pretty unique in many respects. It all began in Hastings Nebraska in 1968. Original baritone, and long-time barbershop enthusiast, "Papa Joe" Heltne, and his son Terry invited two aspiring singers, one a [...]

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1981 – Chicago News

Tenor: Ray Henders Lead: Butch Koth Bass: Tom Felgen Bari: Greg Wright Chicago News, when they won the international championship in 1981, seemed to have come almost "out of the blue." True, they had placed second in 1980 and 8th in their first competition the year before, but compared to foursomes that struggled a dozen [...]

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1980 – The Boston Common

Tenor: Kent Martin Lead: Rich Knapp Bass: Terry Clarke Bari: Larry Tully Formed, quite literally by chance, at a mutual friend's home in 1971, The Boston Common (Kent Martin, tenor; Rich Knapp, lead; Larry Tully, bari and Terry Clarke, bass) remained active through the mid 1990s, performing in 46 states and five foreign countries, on [...]

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1979 – Grandma’s Boys

Tenor: Don Barnick Lead: Hank Brandt Bass: John Miller Bari: Jay Giallombardo In the summer of 1968 a high school quartet from Wilmette and Glencoe, IL rode a Greyhound bus to Cincinnati, checked into the "Y," sat in the back row at the international contest and listened in awe as quartets like the Western Continentals, [...]

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1978 – Bluegrass Student Union

Tenor: Allen Hatton Lead: Ken Hatton Bass: Rick Staab Bari: Dan Burgess As teenagers, Allen Hatton, Ken Hatton, Dan Burgess and Rick Stabb began singing together as The Bluegrass Student Union quartet in December of 1973, They were active members of the International Champion Chorus, The Louisville Thoroughbreds. Their first year together resulted in a [...]

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1977 – Most Happy Fellows

Tenor: Bob Hodge Lead: Larry Hassler Bass: Ken Hawkinson Bari: Jack Lyon Seven has to be the lucky number of the Most Happy Fellows, who were crowned international quartet champions in Philadelphia in 1977, one of only 18 quartets who won the gold the first time they medaled in international competition. This edition of the [...]

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1976 – The Innsiders

Tenor: Mike Cox Lead: John Devine Bass: Tom Pearson Bari: Guy McShan The Innsiders of Houston, 1976 international quartet champions, may have more alumni than the University of Texas. In the Southwestern District they're an institution older than the Vocal Majority Chorus. Only four, of course, won the gold medals in San Francisco, but they [...]

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1958 – The Gaynotes

Tenor: Harold Jones Lead: Howard Rinkel Bass: Morris "Mo" Rector Bari: John Loots The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Harmony (SPEBSQSA) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so it was no surprise when Oklahoma quartets captured the first three International (then national) crowns. But it would be 20 years after the Society's formation [...]

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1955 – The Four Hearsemen

Tenor: Wendell Heiny Lead: Deane Watson Bass: Dick Gifford Bari: Dwight Elliott In 1934, members of the Blackburn-Shaw Quartet, sponsored by a funeral home in Amarillo, TX, were paid a dollar each for singing at funerals or on the firm's Sunday radio program. Tenor Wendell Heiny joined the quartet in 1935 and was soon working [...]

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1971 – The Gentlemen's Agreement

Tenor: Al Rehkop Lead: Drayton Justus Bass: Bob Whitledge Bari: Glenn Van Tassel The Gentlemen's Agreement, 1971 International champion, is one quartet that really was an "overnight success." Almost, anyway.Organized in December 1969, they qualified for the international contest in the spring, went to Atlantic City in July and came home with fourth-place medals. The [...]

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1962 – The Gala Lads

Tenor: Dave Panther Lead: Tom Keehan Bass: Gordie Lees Bari: Bill Cockrell "Experienced" - and proving it - might best describe the members of the 1962 International quartet champion, The Gala Lads from Alhambra, CA. While a few gold medalists have been young and won while in their teens, the Gala Lads averaged 36 years [...]

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50 Year Champs

Four Pitchikers 1959 International Quartet Champions Larry Hedgpeth (Tenor); Keith Keltner (Lead); Wendell Keith Young (Baritone); Joe Delzell (Bass) Our 50th anniversary champs were simply small town boys who made it big. They went from the farms in old Missouri to the top of the music world and had a lot of fun along the [...]

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25 Year Champs

The Original College Champs from Ohio The term “rapscallion,” meaning “rascally” or “roguish,” turned out to be an accurate portrayal of four talented young upstarts from Ohio. The turn of the century term resurfaced within the popular barbershop lexicon in 1984 when these four young men took the stage during the St. Louis International Convention. [...]

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2007 AIC Show Best Ever

By Jay Giallombardo - Director of Music - AIC Chorus - Denver 2007 jgiallombardo@ccc.eduCongratulations on one of the finest AIC shows ever. We all heard nothing but glowing comments on the fun, entertainment, and great singing of the AIC chorus of the show. Music Man Medley was a hit. Kudos to a great effort by [...]

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2008 AIC Show

A Tribute to American Music How can these annual shows get better every year? Well, they DO and if you were there you witnessed some of the very best close harmony singing on the planet - Quartet AND Chorus. Here we can only SHOW you. To bad we can't replay it here. Photos will just [...]

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