Tenor: Rob Menaker
Lead: Patrick Haedtler
Bass: Brett Littlefield
Bari: Alan Gordon

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Masterpiece ... a supreme artistic achievement; sometimes the work of one, sometimes a collaboration of many. In the world of vocal music, it is the marriage of multiple efforts to seamlessly become one. All four quartet members have enjoyed success in various groups over their varied musical histories, and have finally come together to share a unique sound and experience with their audience.

Three past-champion singers plus a hot young lead combined to bring Masterpiece the gold medals in the 2013 world championship competition in Toronto.

Experienced singers bass ,Brett Littlefield and tenor Rob Menaker sang in 1996 champion Nightlife; baritone Alan Gordon sang in 2004 champ Gotcha!; and lead Patrick Haedtler previously sang in international competition with The Crush.